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Sunday, 15 November 2015

Positive Penguins starts swimming!!

From Week 3 Term 4, Mr Yoon have asked the class to bring in the togs.. Why? Because we are going for a swim! Where? Our school has a pool!!! How lucky is that?! Water was cold but we had some good fun in the pool to celebrate the first day of jumping in the pool! 

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Park and Walk day at Rowandale

We had our own Park and Walk day at Rowandale. Although it was raining on the day, we had a great turn up! It was great to see a lot of Room 15 students walking to school. Don’t forget to look left and right when crossing the road.

Our Trip to the MOTAT

Last week, Year 4 students went to the MOTAT to learn more about our topic “Flight”. We had an amazing day touring around the MOTAT. It was very interesting to see the planes, listening to the teacher at the MOTAT about 4 forces of flight and going on an adventure at the MOTAT.